Body Scan Pre-Test Instructions

Please read (and complete) ALL pre test instructions carefully or your scan will not be accurate and reliable.

If you have scanned before, please check your Fit3d username and password BEFORE coming in. You can do this here. If you do not know this, you will NOT be able to scan. It is NOT the same as your booking account.

Is this your 1st Fit3d Body Scan? – you MUST read below


Your test will take place at your gym (or workplace) or if you have booked for our Featherston Street HQ it will take place on level 1, 128 Featherston Street, Wellington (attached to Results Room Gym).

Your scan will take 5 minutes however the processing of your results can take up to 15 minutes. To ensure we run on time, please arrive at least 5 minutes prior to your test. 

Fit3D Body Scan

Prior to your 1st Fit3D Body Scan it is ESSENTIAL that you create a FIT3D account. AFTER reading ALL of the instructions below, please create a Fit3D account here. This is NOT the same as your booking account. If you turn up with no Fit3d account, your appointment will be cancelled and you will be required to re-book for another time.

To know what to expect we highly recommend you watch the video at the top of this page.

You will get the most accurate/best result if you keep your pre-testing and testing regime the same each time you are scanned. For example,

  • Wear minimal, TIGHT clothing (e.g. Men = tight undies or speedos, women = tight/small undies or G-string and fitting bra is strongly recommended). Scanning in anything loose is a waste of time!
  • Do not perform vigorous exercise in the 2 hours prior to your test. You can exercise after if you like
  • Those with long hair MUST tie their hair in a bun
  • Do not have a large meal or drink large amounts within 2 hours of your test
  • The Fit3d Scanner will take over 1200 photos of you. For accuracy, it is essential you stand still during your body scan. If you do not stand still, a posture report will not be generated. 
  • If your testing technician is of the opposite sex, you will be left in the room to scan by yourself. When you arrive for your appointment, anyone can request to scan in the testing room by themselves.

Username and Password

Please write down or save both your Fit3d and Booking system username and password (Yes, these are 2 different things). When re-scanning, you will NOT be able to scan if you don't know your Fit3d username and password. 

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If you cancel in the 48 hours prior to your test, you will be charged the full test fee. No refunds are given for not showing up for any reason.

Holistic Package Upgrade

If you are interested in upgrading your test package to include diabetes, cholesterol, blood pressure, a heart and fitness age etc please email This will take 20 minutes longer than the basic Fit3d Body Scan.


If your gym/trainer has not paid for your body scan(s) then you will be required to pay for your test online. Our online booking system (MindBody) uses Ezipay for online payments. Please note, if you pay by credit card and there is not sufficient money in your account, Ezipay may charge you an additional administration fee. 

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The majority of your Fit3D results, including a private online 3D image of yourself, will usually be available within 5-15 minutes of your test (very dependent on internet speed). Your posture report will be sent to you seperately within 48 hours of your body scan. For various reasons, 1/100 scans fail. To ensure your scan is successful you are recommended to check your email prior to leaving the scanning facility.

If you would like a free post-test phone call to discuss your results please email our director AFTER your test


If you are under 18 years of age you MUST have signed consent prior to having any tests at Health and Fitness Testing NZ


It is normal to feel anxious before your test. Fit3d Scans are performed every 30 seconds in over 47 countries world-wide. If this is your first test, keep in mind, it’s just a baseline :)


Health and Fitness Testing Staff will have access to all your test results. We will not share your specific results without asking permission from you first. Our Fit3d Body Scanners are imported from USA. You can view Fit3d’s T’s and C’s here and privacy policy here. You can view our Health and Fitness Testing NZ Ltd T's and C's here and privacy policy here 

Challenge Testing and Prizes

If you are doing a gym/work challenge (e.g. 8 week challenge), the challenge organiser/trainer will likely want access to your results.

Those who do not stand in a relaxed position during their scan, or those who have been mapulating their body pre-scan will NOT be eligible for prizes and may be banned from scanning in the future. Our Health and Fitness Testing NZ director's decision will be final. There will be no appeal and no refund given.