We have been partnered with F45 since the start of 2017. We offer F45 members an independent, reliable, holistic way to track their health and fitness journey. If you have any questions, please email our director peter@healthandfitnesstesting.nz

At the start and end of each F45 challenge, we will offer Fit3d Body Scans on-site at your F45. You can also have your Fit3d Body Scan/Health Test performed at our head office on Featherston St, Wellington CBD.


F45 Challenge Test Options

Option 1: 

2 x Fit3d Body Scans (Before and After a challenge)

F45 members $80 TOTAL for 2 scans (Save $80 pp)

To view a pdf doc of what is included in a Fit3d Body Scan, check out this document here

Book your 1st of 2 Fit3d Body Scans here 


Option 2:

1 x Advanced Test Pack (including Before and After Fit3d Body Scans)

This mini health-WOF is the ULTIMATE baseline on which you can make improvements and screen for other health problems. You can learn more about your body INSIDE AND OUT.

Here is example of the exact 15-page report you will receive as part of your Advanced Test Pack.

You can view a video of our Advanced Test Pack in action here 

The F45 Advanced Test Pack includes a 1:1 assessment with our director, finger-prick diabetes and cholesterol blood tests (incl Total, HDL, LDL, Triglycerides, Total/HDL ratio), Blood Pressure, Heart Age, Fitness Age, Calculated Risk of Cardiovascular Disease, 15-page individual report, results discussion with our director, referral to an appropriate health practitioner if required, AND a before and after Fit3d Body Scan for the challenge. 


F45 members $160 TOTAL including 2 Fit3d body scans (Save $189 pp)

Note: The Advanced Test Pack will only be offered and performed by our director at our Featherston St, Wellington CBD location. 

Book your Advanced Test Pack here


Additional Notes:

Full payment will be expected on the day of your first test.

We never offer refunds.

Your second Fit3d Body Scan will expire 3 days after the end of your challenge. If for any reason (Pandemic, Earthquake etc) we need to re-schedule your 2nd/After-challenge Fit3d Body Scan, your 2nd test will expire 3 days after the new scheduled re-test date.

You will automatically be sent pre-test instructions when you book however if you would like to view these before booking, you can read these here

You are recommended to read our T's and C's and Privacy Policy before booking a health test/body scan. F45 will be given access to your results so they can find a challenge winner. 



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