Health and Fitness Testing NZ will be testing in Carterton, Wairarapa on the following dates in 2020:

Thurs-Fri Aug 20-21

Thur-Fri Oct 15-16


You have 2 options to purchase Body Scans:

Option 1:

2 x Fit3d Body Scans are included as part of the Strength Nation 8 week program - Contact Strength Nation for more information


Option 2:

Purchase 1 x Fit3d Body Scan for $100 or 2-scans for $160. 


How to Purchase and book

Strength Nation will take all payments for their members whether you are doing the 8 week program or not. Non-members will be required to make payment to Health and Fitness Testing NZ on the day of testing.

ALL bookings can be made via our booking page here - Choose 'challenge 3d scan' when booking - it will be the only option. 

You will receive a confirmation email if you have booked correctly. No email = no booking (please also check your junk/spam folders)

Additional Important notes:

Full payment will be expected on the day of your first test

We never offer refunds

Please give us at least 48 hour hours' notice if you need to cancel/change appointment time

Everyone doing the Strength Nation Program is invited to a FREE Posture and Pain Prevention Workshop at Strength Nation, Carterton at 7:30 pm on Thursday August 20th 2020.

If you are doing the Strength Nation 8-week program (or you purchase a 2-pack of Fit3d Body Scans), your second Fit3d Body Scan will expire at the end of the challenge/October 16th 2020. If for any reason (Pandemic, Earthquake etc) we need to re-schedule your 2nd/After-challenge Fit3d Body Scan, your 2nd test will expire after the new scheduled re-test date. 

You will automatically be sent pre-test instructions when you book however if you would like to view these before booking, you can read these here

You are recommended to read our T's and C's and Privacy Policy before booking a health test/body scan. 

If you have any questions, please email our director




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